Study tips: Top 5 memorization techniques

In university or professional life, it is useful to know the best strategies for learning and memorizing knowledge. Here are the most famous techniques to retain as much information as possible in a minimum of time!

The method of places

The method of places or “loci method” is a memorization technique that advises associating places with specific words or concepts. Thus, the places you know are likened to specific words. On a journey you can associate a word with a place and anchor that notion in space.

The verbal method

As the name suggests, the verbal method consists of repeating one’s course or knowledge several times to assimilate it. This memorization technique can also refer to talking and thinking with someone who makes us recite. Thus, you discuss the subject and analyze together the different aspects of the information. In this method, learning is based on communication.

Muscle memory

Muscle memory is a method of learning by “printing” the concepts in your body. When you learn, you have to exaggerate the intonation of the words by repeating several times the sentences to be acquired. Your mouth will thus anchor your mimics and will become a reflex to recite your knowledge. Similarly, moving, walking or associating a specific gesture with a concept is also very effective. Learning is facilitated with this memorization technique because the brain oxygenates when you are in motion. As a result, he becomes more receptive to learning new knowledge.

Visual memory

Some people feel that they are more easily retaining information when they can view it on a diagram, drawing, or sheet, for example. In this case, the visual media are to be carried out with great care. Colors, drawings, images, anything is possible to help and allow to assimilate even better knowledge. These people will remember the structure of the document they have learned and will easily visualize where to find the information they need when returning. Post-its are also very effective when deposited in strategic locations.
Hearing memory

Unlike the previous method, this memorization technique refers to assimilating knowledge by hearing it. In this case, it is useful to register to listen to the lessons again and better assimilate them.

Scriptural memory

This method recommends writing information several times to learn it. This was the concept of punishments of yesteryear when you had to write the same sentence several times to understand it. Writing and transcribing concepts in writing will anchor concepts in the brain.

The acronyms

Another popular memorization technique, acronyms are acronyms that are pronounced as ordinary words and will allow to retain a concept or organization by retaining only the first letters of each word. For example, C.Q.F.D. is short for: What to Demonstrate.


A playful technique for assimilating knowledge, this method is similar to the “memory” game of your childhood and plays on memory. Take a few pieces of paper and write down the concept to learn on the front and then combine the image of your choice on the back. So when the images are flipped (and the hidden notions), you will have to remember the knowledge on the front by playing by associations.

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