how to get motivated to study hard

How To Get Motivated To Study Hard

There are obvious advantages to having substitute teachers when school teachers cannot come into the school and teach the class. But what do we really know about the substitute teachers that schools provide in these situations? And how does this position of teachers impact the education and learning of students in the short and long term?

There is no question that it is important to have a qualified and experienced teacher to replace teachers when they cannot get into work so that there is minimal disruption to teachers, students and their education. But how often is this the case? Tenured teachers must be qualified before schools can hire them, but in many cases these teachers have little or no experience teaching the class for which they are needed.

There is also an obvious disruption in a classroom when a substitute teacher takes over. It only gets worse when it becomes apparent that his substitute teacher actually has no idea what he needs to teach. Often, teachers only teach grades left by the regular classroom teacher, which the students themselves could have done without the supervision of the substitute teacher. They often have very little knowledge of what students are and what they are capable of as individuals, so it can be difficult for them to effectively communicate and support students in their studies, which their regular teacher does. . They would have taken weeks. to watch the class and see how each student learns and understands better.

Another important point to consider is how temporary teachers can be kept for extended periods when a teacher is ill for a long time. In these cases, students can be adversely affected by not having an experienced teacher in this subject for much of the year and it can make it very difficult for them in their exams. This is often overlooked by parents who hear the promise that schools stay on teachers is only a short-term solution, but months of having different teachers, and the priority of schools is that each class is at least supervised.

They are certainly necessary for the functioning of schools, but there is certainly room for improvement in the way schools hire their temporary teachers. They are a quick fix to a problem, so there will never be a suitable perfect substitute teacher for a class, but schools must try harder to find substitute teachers who have at least some experience in teaching one or the other material. class or age group. This will lead to fewer classroom interruptions and give students the greatest opportunity to continue their education as if their teacher was present and their studies were not hampered by their teacher’s absence.

Do You Lack the Motivation to Study?

Studying and learning can take you so far in life, but it can be very difficult to get there. Why don’t you want to do it?

Whether it’s a college education or you need to study to advance your career; studying can be one of the most important things you should do. The problem is more than comparing studying and working, and for many of us, work is painful. We all prefer to play outside and enjoy life.

There is a technique that can easily help you overcome your lack of motivation to study.

What is the technique?

It’s EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Most EFT users simply refer to it once they know it as a tapping. Where to concentrate? There are so many things that need your attention, be it ads, the internet, friends, TV. All of these things may seem easier to do than to study.

Even if you don’t have anything else to do, you always seem to find a way out of the studio.

However, EFT can help you overcome your inertia and your reasons for not studying. You can easily start using EFT by recognizing the fact that you’d rather be somewhere else.

Although I would rather watch TV than study. I accept my whole being as I am.

What do you want out of life?

I guess getting the grade, passing the exam is important to YOU ​​and only to you. If you are studying for someone else and their reason, stop.

Although I am now struggling to study, I deeply and completely accept myself. Even though I’m only studying for X, I’m afraid of how they’ll react if I stop and do what I really want to do. I accept myself deeply and deeply. Although I really don’t know why I study and what I want out of life. I choose to love myself deeply and completely and accept myself and my life anyway. Lose something

You may think that you will be missing out on something if you don’t study this other thing. Most of us worry about what our friends and family will think if we don’t see the latest episode of X or if we don’t know what’s going on in celebrity Y’s life.

The truth is, no, it is not. They think you fear to worry if they don’t know. It’s a crazy situation. Now that we have the record button on DVD players, most magazines can be viewed online.

When you study and achieve your goals. What happened in episode 1098, whatever. Although I am afraid of what others will think of me if I stay and study. I am ready to accept all of my feelings without judgment.

If the end result is important to you, you will study.

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