How to Earn Money from Facebook in 2021

How to make money on Facebook through affiliate programs?

In addition to selling your own goods and services, there is also the opportunity to sell others’. To do this, your business page must have a good customer audience and be somehow related to the topic of the partner site.

The principle of this type of earnings is that you need to recommend an affiliate product on your page, leave a link to it. It is very captivating to indicate your own experience or the characteristics of the proposed foreign product.

A person visiting your page will see the recommended product, go to an affiliate site and add a plus to your completely utilitarian karma, because the system records every transition.

Money can be credited to you from a partner site, both simply for advertising their products, and for selling a product or service according to your recommendation.
Online consulting

Facebook allows you to conduct training, consultations, training online. It is the perfect platform for info business people. Offline specialists can also sell their services: photographers, wedding planners, IT specialists, Designers, etc.

How to make money on a Facebook group?

A group differs from a business page in that it is a closed community of users interested in one topic. It can be hunting, fishing, childcare, whatever. Groups are only available to registered users, and their content is not publicly available. Therefore, promoting a business is almost impossible with the help of groups. But advertising – on the contrary, the very thing that will fit into the group in the FB.

Let’s say you have created a group of outdoor enthusiasts. People discuss their travel experiences, make impressions about a particular country, sights. And here advertising of travel agencies, air tours, booking hotels, tickets will be very effective.

It is important to make an advertisement with high quality and unobtrusiveness. To do this, you can write your recommendations on behalf of a group member, share your own experience, and not directly offer your services. It is also worth keeping a balance between advertising and useful materials so that the group is informative and does not cause negative reactions from the participants.

Using the Facebook page as a traffic source for the site
If you have a website, a Facebook page will help you attract new customers and increase sales. This scheme works as follows: on your page on the network you post information from the site, photos, video materials. Friends see posts, comment, visit the site if they are attracted by the content. Thus, the number of website visitors increases due to the placement of information on the page in the FB.

Income through file sharing

Everything is extremely simple: your page should specialize, for example, in one series or genre of cinema. We drop the production of cinematography to the file hosting service, and on our page we offer users to download it. Approximate payment – up to $ 10 per 1000 downloads. The more people download the file, the more your income. You can increase the number of downloads by placing free applications on your page or adding the ability to download more books and music.

How to Make Money on Facebook with Videos?

The number of videos on Facebook is increasing every year. For more activity, the network owners decided to allow inserting ads into videos longer than 90 seconds, and the video owners are given 55% of the profits for this. Therefore, there is another way to make money on Facebook. Bloggers who make money on Youtube, of course, will take advantage of the promotion of video content on Facebook and will catch up in the near future, if someone else hasn’t had time.

Page sales revenue:

If you already have a ready-made promoted page on the web, but you do not want to do this anymore, you can sell it. Naturally, this will be a one-time income, but considerable. When selling your page or group, remember that according to the rules of using the network, it is impossible to sell / buy a page without the prior permission of the Facebook administration.

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