7 Steps How do you stay positive while manifesting

7 Steps How do you stay positive while manifesting?

To enjoy a successful event, you have to be positive

Everyone talks about manifestation, law of attraction and power of the universe. Many think they know how to use it, how to manifest and benefit a lot from it. Many still struggle and continue to wonder what these successful people did to manifest whatever they want and harness the power of the universe.

The key is that everything is made of energy and vibration. You are what you vibrate. When you vibrate fear in the universe, the universe will send you more events to fear. When you vibrate with anger, you receive even more events for which you get angry or people angry with you. On the other hand, when you vibrate with happiness and positive thinking, you will receive more happiness and positivity in return.

So let’s learn how to be a positive person to make sure we don’t rock the negativities in the universe and start enjoying successful manifestations, and only receiving the fabulous things in life.

How to think positively even in the most difficult situation

1-Always smile

Smiling at yourself in the mirror helps raise your spirits quickly and reduce stress. Keep in mind that you need less muscle to smile than you need to frown.

2-Analysis all the blessings in your life

It’s worth browsing your journal, happy old photos, funny VDO clips, or past accomplishments. As you revisit those moments of pride, happiness, and joy, you can’t hold on to negativity and sadness. You will feel proud, confident and positive. Remember the feeling.

3-Reward yourself sometimes

Do you sometimes give yourself compliments, flowers, or small rewards when you achieve something, no matter how small. You can also reward yourself with new opportunities to learn something new, explore something new, or meet new people. These little rewards make you feel good about yourself. It’s one way to show you appreciation. A positive attitude can never arise if you don’t even feel good about yourself.

4-Stop whining!

The whining is a reflection of your negativities that have been put into words. It doesn’t do anyone any good. On the other hand, by complaining, you have unknowingly vibrated your negative energy to others and to the universe. And when you do, the negativities will reside in your constant mood which will draw like-minded people into your life.

A lot of people complain about getting what they want, the way they want it. There are many ways to get things done, to get the things we want, the way we want them using other positive approaches like reward, compliment, encourage. These positive approaches can work slower but are sure to bring only positive energy back into your circle.

5 – Appreciation!

Learn to be thankful for everything you have right now. It’s always a good idea to thank others for everything they do for you, regardless of your size. Admiring others and being grateful for others takes negativities away from your mind. On the contrary, these acts of appreciation and admiration vibrate positive energy in the universe and will bring the same energy back to you. Sincere admiration and sincere appreciation not only makes the people who receive them happy, but also makes you aware of your meaning and presence.

6-Surround yourself with positive people

Talking to positive people helps adjust our mood. We can absorb and study their way of thinking. Eventually, we will also become positive.

7-Stay away from negative people

Negative thinking is contagious. When we date negative people, we gradually absorb it. Sooner than we realize we will find ourselves a negative person as well.

Reading good books or motivational and inspiring quotes from successful people helps us keep us from going down the negative path. Whenever negativity arises, grab a book or read a motivational quote that we love the most. It helps.

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