12 Tips: How To Work Hard In School?

After several months of vacation, yes, you have returned to school. Full days of lessons, exercises to do at home, tests, in short … The total. As true as school is not just a hobby that you do from time to time to distract yourself, it is the surest way to lead you to the success of your life; at least in the professional context. So here are some tips for a successful school or academic year.

Get regular sleep

Getting little sleep and studying too much is not the way to go through your school year. Sleep debt can put you in painful situations during class. So good quality, good quality sleep will necessarily have a positive impact on your intellectual and physical abilities.

Eat properly

A healthy and balanced diet has a positive impact on your health and therefore on our performance. This will allow you to make the most of your physical and intellectual faculties.

Organize your work well

You need to know how to manage your time in relation to what you have to do. You can therefore establish a schedule. Do your exercises and return them on time, and allocate your free time productively.

Set goals to achieve

You may be able to tell yourself that you will devote two hours to your classwork every day after class.

Opt for an efficient working method:

This means that you must be able to systematically reread your lessons after leaving class (this simulates memory and facilitates comprehension), redo the exercises at home, you in class, be proactive during the lessons.

To take notes

Even if you have an elephant memory, you need to take notes during class and be very attentive during class. The teacher’s gestures, the words he uses, etc. It will boost your visual memory

Minimize digital distractions

Video games, smart phones, computers, headphones for music, etc. It tarnishes your memory and impairs concentration.

Prepare all the course material and clothing the night before It saves you time. You will hardly be late for class.

Practice regular physical activity:

Sport is great for the body, but also for the brain. A healthy mind in a healthy body for better results. But betting on sports on the internet is not considered physical activity.

Don’t miss the top start

The hardest part, of course, is getting started. To get away from his daydreaming, his chat, his film, his conversation, his motive to get to his work table is for some a real test of will. Especially since there is no shortage of temptations.

Be careful

So be careful not to start before the work of activities too “addictive” that you will find difficult to stop: surfing the Internet, replying to his messages, going on Facebook … Experience shows that on-screen activities tend to take us beyond what we wanted to do and take longer than expected.

Before you get to work, find simple little activities that quickly relax you: bite an apple, drink tea, take a walk on your balcony or garden, take a shower, take a little bike ride, change… It can even become a ritual that prepares you for study.

And then, look for a reason that makes you want to attack this session: performance (I’ll explode my average), challenge (I’ll get the best grade), affectivity (I’ll please the teacher or my boyfriend), curiosity (I like this topic), usefulness (for the job, the internship I dream of doing), etc. It doesn’t matter that your motive is not noble or serious, what counts is to generate in you a little desire and surf on it to get you into it!

Plan a varied menu and attack by the fastest

Our brains can’t stay focused on the same subject for too long. About every 20 minutes, we experience a “diet drop” and it is better to take a short break (get up, stretch, drink a glass of water) or change activity rather than wasting time rereading its course without “printing anything”.

That’s why it’s in your best interest to schedule several types of exercises, disciplines or activities in a personal work segment. You’re blocking math? Don’t get tired for nothing, relax by reading your history class, file your cards, and then eventually return to the difficult point at the end.

Encourage yourself

To encourage yourself, make a list of what you have to do by getting to work and start with what will be… the fastest or most enjoyable for you. This allows you to move fast and scratch on your list what is done: you advance, the reward circuit activates, it encourages you and gives you heart to the work!

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