6 Easy ways to make money from tiktok

TikTok is used by many as a tool for entertainment. However, inside the social network there are many ways not only to have fun, but also to monetize your channel. Personally, I know about 18 ways how to make a tick tok earning easily and easily, while not just cutting money off, but steadily receiving income.

In this business, everything depends on the availability of free time, knowledge, skills and desire to work. In a word, in today’s list, everyone will find a suitable way to earn money. Go!

The most important source of income at TikTok is monetizing your personal channel. If you decide to become a popular TikToker, are taking the first steps in this direction or have already achieved significant results, you have every chance of earning in tik tok on your profile.

  1. Support for challenges launched by brands:

Challenges are a kind of advertising campaigns on TikTok, they work on the principle of viral effect and spread across the social network using unique hashtags. Moreover, the number of views of hashtag challenges directly affects the popularity of the brand and increases the likelihood of the video being included in the “Recommended” section.

The principle of promotion here is the same as in the case of advertising music tracks. That is, for a certain fee, bloggers are asked to support a challenge, shoot a video and post it on their channel with an appeal to subscribers to join.

Earnings : from 6 dollars per challenge, depending on the number of your subscribers and the scale of the advertised brand.

  1. Placement of affiliate links
    Participation in affiliate programs brings good stable income. You can post affiliate links anywhere – on websites, blogs, social networks, including TikTok. Just insert the link into the description under the video or in the BIO channel and earn on the purchases of your subscribers.

And you can choose a profitable program for cooperation at Admitad or CityAds. There is a large selection of proposals for any topic of channels and blogs.

Earnings : depends on the conditions of affiliate programs. On average, for a paid order, affiliate programs offer up to 20% of the amount paid by the client.

  1. Monetization of live broadcasts
    If your channel has reached 1000 subscribers, the function of conducting live broadcasts will become available to you. And viewers can express their gratitude for interesting and useful information on the air in the form of the TikTok internal currency.

That is, any user can buy at least 100 coins in the application for 6 dollars, and then exchange them for stickers and give them to the authors of live broadcasts. For each sticker presented, you will be credited with 80% of its value. The money obtained in this way can be cashed.

Earnings: on average, about 30% of subscribers view live broadcasts. The minimum cost of one sticker is 5 coins. Suppose that each guest on the air will give you one of the cheapest sticker. Based on this, we get the minimum earnings for one broadcast:
. Promotion / sale of goods or services
TikTok is a good platform for promoting goods and services of its own production. If you provide services remotely or sell something online, this site will definitely suit you.

Shoot reviews, show your product in action, post customer video testimonials, attach links to sections in the online store, publish native content – all this will sooner or later lead you to sales.

Earnings : Depends on the unit cost.

  1. Advertising of other channels
    Advertise other TikTokers who run similar channels for money. You can start with a mutual PR. To do this, offer your own mutual placement to users with the same activity as yours.

When the number of subscribers is over 5k, paid advertising options are worth considering. Then start with newbie TikTokers, smoothly moving to larger and more profitable channels.

Earnings: depends on the number and activity of your audience.

  1. Promotion of music tracks
    Most of the videos on TikTok are accompanied by musical compositions.Their name appears in the public domain at the bottom of the screen. And when you click on the name of the track you like, you can apply it to the videos on your channel.

The more often a certain melody is used among Tiktokers, the more popular it is on the social network and the higher its position in the ratings. For this, performers or track authors often ask bloggers to use their melodies as musical accompaniment in their videos for a fee.

Earnings : from 2 to 5 dollars per track.

  1. Ambassador
    An ambassador is a person who, internally and externally, corresponds to the company’s image, carries the core values ​​and is an active user of the brand. He acts as the official face of the brand, personifies the image of the ideal consumer, participates in various image and advertising events, and also motivates people to make purchases.

Many ambassadors also live in TikTok. Tiktokers shoot videos in branded clothing, in stores and cafes, against the backdrop of exhibition stands, etc. The main thing is that every video of the ambassador on the channel should be directly or indirectly connected with the brand mention.

Earnings: from 1,5 to 1000 dollars/month, depending on the scale of the brand and the number of clients you refer.

If you do not have your own channel and desire to become a popular Tiktoker, but have a lot of creativity and ability in creating and processing videos, the following ways to make money are for you.

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