5 Tips To Make Sure You Get An Increase In 2021

It’s been in your head for several months, but you haven’t taken the plunge yet. Budget often completed before the end of the year, stressful goals to fulfill… Asking his hierarchy for a pay rise requires appropriate timing.

And what could be more ideal than a start to the year? Indeed, the month of January often rhymes with new budget and annual maintenance. The perfect opportunity to showcase your work and demand encrypted recognition. But asking for a raise is not improvised. Hence the interest in preparing your “battle plan” now.

The American women’s webzine HelloGiggles has asked professionals in this field (executives, career coaches) to get concrete advice and actions to implement now to be sure to get this increase that you have thoroughly deserved. Here’s how to do it, according to these experts.

Communicate regularly with your boss

The best way for your hierarchy to be aware of the progress you are making and your ability to carry out your projects is naturally to communicate as much as possible with them. It is indeed essential to report regularly and in detail on the progress of all the projects you manage.

Write a list of your professional achievements

It is not enough to require an increase to be sure of getting it. Indeed, you will have to show that you deserve it. As far as you’re concerned, you have no doubt, and that’s why you’re calling your boss.

But to make sure you don’t run out of arguments, it’s best to keep a top of the list of what you’ve accomplished over the past year and the positive impact these actions have had on your department or the company you work in.

Arrive with proposals

Convincing your superiors that you deserve a raise because of your past achievements is good, but it’s even better if you show them your commitment and enthusiasm for the future of the company.
Be sure of what you want to get

Once your argument is up to date, you’re going to have to answer an essential question: how much exactly do you want to be increased? This is probably one of the first questions that will be asked of you, and you cannot remain vague on this point.

It is up to you to determine an amount that lives up to your expectations and efforts, while remaining realistic about what the company can give you.

Prévoyez un plan B

Even if you are extremely well prepared, it is best to consider (just in case) that your query will have an adverse outcome. Downsizing a company, changes in your industry… sometimes the company is going through a rough patch and the decision has nothing to do with the recognition of your professional value or the esteem you are given.

In this case, don’t panic. For example, you can make your hierarchy understand that you remain open to discuss the subject over the next six months, or try to negotiate other points of your contract than your salary (telework days, more flexible hours, new missions, etc.).

In any event, it is important to have an alternative plan in mind, so that you can turn around if the negotiations do not move in the direction you would have liked.

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