5 Secrets to Unlimited Motivation

In life, we need energy to live, exist, and do things with our lives and with others. However, sometimes we can lose our lives if we dissipate. So:

  • I cannot be irritated
  • It’s too much effort, I’m exhausted
  • It is not justified, despite the potential benefits, whatever they may be.
  • obviously, soon …
  • Yes, I realize I should, though …

Does it look familiar to you? If this is you, and you say so to yourself and / or others, you are missing one of the key ingredients of life’s recipe, MOTIVATION:
MOTIVATION; the psychological characteristic that drives an individual to act toward a desired goal; the reason for the action

So we can characterize inspiration, however does that help? Usually not enough! What is this called “motivation”? Where do you find it? How can we motivate ourselves?

The first secret to share here is secret #

1 “Motivation is not a thing”, it is not a name.

You will never find the motivation that someone left in the bathroom, and you won’t find a part in the fridge! Has anyone ever bought a kilo of motivation at the store? I do not think so!

If so, what is motivation, how can we be motivated, and most importantly, how can we motivate ourselves? Would you like unlimited motivation, are you interested? If so, keep reading, as that is the design of this article.

Motivation is a set of strategies or thought processes that we carry out ourselves … Did you notice what you just read? ‘… that we run ourselves! What does that mean? This means that we are responsible for our motivation or not! This means that it makes no sense to look for someone else to motivate us; in fact, it is impossible for another person to motivate us, only we can decide what motivates us or not.

So the secret of motivation n. 2 is “

we are responsible for how much motivation we have.”

Can you begin to feel the power you have over yourself when you take responsibility for yourself?

What motivates us? What drives motivation? Also, how does motivation push us toward what we want, need, or believe? What is this fuel?

The answer leads us to secret # 3

“emotions are the fuel for motivation” and ultimately they are what drives us. Let’s take a look at how emotions propel us or lead us to action, the best place to start may be with the word “emotion.”

E-motion, looking more closely at this word, we can see its structure.

“Energy in motion”; (th movement). Our emotions are our energy. Generally, we can classify emotions into three different categories:
• Positive
• Neutral
• Negative

Since we can define our emotions in these three simple types, what does this say about our energy as well? Well, we can make the same distinctions for our energy types; positive, neutral and negative energy.

This leads us to secret # 4

“People are motivated and can motivate themselves using these 3 different types of energy”, you too!

Positive emotion affect often gives us the energy to move towards what we want or need, in some way we feel drawn or drawn (motivated). When we experience neutral emotions we can “take it or go” and with negative emotions we feel discomfort, some form of pain and we (are motivated) try to get away or get away from it.

The axis of motivation

Whether we walk away from pain and consequences or good feelings or results in our life, they both create energy that we put into motion to do something. It is the motivation. Now what this gives us is a strategy to develop limitless motivation for what we want to do or have in life.

Generally, human beings have a preference towards which end of the motivation axis they motivate or why they are motivated. We can ask ourselves some questions to identify our own preference for motivation. Ask yourself the following questions and see if you are motivated by what you want or if you deviate from what you don’t want:

I get up in the morning;

  1. Because I have to (get away from)
  2. Because I want to start the day (towards)

I take my medication regularly;

  1. Because I want to be well and live life as fully as possible (towards)
  2. Because if I don’t, I’ll get sick or probably die (away from)

When they ask me I’ll go out and meet

When they ask me, I will go out to meet the others;

  1. Because I like to meet and be with other people (towards)
  2. Because it’s not too rude and I don’t want to bother anyone (away from)

I keep my house tidy;

  1. Because I like it that way
  2. Because I moan if I don’t, or someone unexpected may come (away from)

I comprehend that standard exercise is solid for you;

  1. And I exercise because I want to gain health benefits (worms)
  2. And I exercise because if I don’t, my health can get worse (far from it)

I do things;

  1. Because I can
  2. Because I have to

Most people will find themselves using motivation at only one end of the axis, either mainly towards or mainly away from.

Now that you understand how YOU are generally motivated, we can move on to Secret # 5.

This secret is the one that gathers all the other secrets and will show you how to get unlimited motivation for the rest of your life!

The secret n. 5 says,

“ Blend both away from energies and into energies and you will create personal motivation that will propel you to action. ” By realizing the other energy you have at the other end of the motivational axis, you can increase emotional motivation for you to take action, feel motivated, and finally be in control!

Either now or later, take 5 minutes to explore the unlimited motivation model below. These x simple questions can be applied to anything you need more motivation for, anytime, anywhere. After using this template many times you motivate yourself and maybe others as an expert!

The unlimited amounts of the motivation model.

  1. Identify something in your life that you want to have or that you want to be more motivated for (it could be anything, going out more, going to the gym or cleaning, whatever …)
  2. Once you’ve identified something, write it down so you don’t forget what you’re working on.
  3. Write down your current motivational style associated with this activity, are you motivated in relation to or towards? If you are far from reading and ask yourself Part A, if you like it, read and ask yourself Part B

Part A, you walk away from pain or consequences, but you can bear it for a while. First, look at how real the discomfort is, what could be a problem or even more painful if you don’t take action on it.

To add even more energy to your motivation, write down what you will get that is good or enjoyable once you take the action or start the activity. Notice how good it feels and how good it will feel when you finish this activity … So when you experience all this about this activity, see how much energy you have to take the step to do it … then do it!

Part B: You go into the activity, but it doesn’t attract you enough to take action. Start by noticing what draws you or draws you to him in the first place, that’s right, now that you think about it, ask yourself what is important to me about this …

What does this mean to you, what do you think about it now, knowing that? Just imagine what it would mean if you never did this, you would never realize this meaning and its importance. This could be the beginning of putting off other important and significant things in life, you don’t want that to be true, right?

Stay with this awareness, notice the increase in pleasure and pain that is possible if you do not act as soon as possible … Receive now HOW MUCH energy and motivation you know you have for it …!

Congratulate yourself for doing or starting the activity, see how much you can motivate yourself to take the actions that are important to you.

Note, the sentiment of independence and celebration that you now have for yourself by reading this and start doing the first to become an expert on the development of your own motivation, imagine the possibilities that you may be now for voting Fri .. . Now.

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