5 Best Ways to Make Money Online in 2021

We have collected 5 Best ways to make money online in 2021. Most of these activities can be learned quickly enough and you can start your online work in a few days (provided that you have some of the necessary skills).

In some cases, it will take time and some investment to generate a stable income.

Online store creation

An online store is an opportunity to make good money, even if you live in a village.

The main thing is to have goods, a post office (preferably New Mail), a stable Internet. You can sell anything( digital product, your product, your course online )).

But before that, study the demand for the desired product, or rather test it (try selling a small batch).

What is needed to start

An online store can be created even without a website and hosting, for example, on Instagram or on a marketplace. But you can’t do without a budget.

To launch, you need at least several thousand hryvnias for the purchase of goods, promotion.

Also, when creating an online store, it so important to find :

  • Find a good niche;
  • Find best product to sell
  • visual style to your store;
  • pricing policy;
  • working conditions.

It is advisable to prepare answers to popular questions, photograph products, write posts, be sure to create a business page on Facebook and Instagram.

Selling products on AMAZON

Amazon is a marketplace with more than 1.6 billion monthly visits from all over the world and where you can sell almost anything.

This is an opportunity to create your own online store on a platform where you do not need to attract traffic. And special programs only allow you to purchase goods, deliver them to the Amazon warehouse and work with customers (logistics, storage of goods, and registration of returns are not your worries).

It is important to know the economics of the business on the site. It looks something like this:

  • 30% of the cost of products – delivery to the Amazon warehouse and cost;
  • 30% – Amazon commission for other services and use of the service;
  • 15% – marketing, promotion, expenses for the salaries of their team;
  • 25% – profit.

what is needed to start making money?

It is important to decide on the product when starting any business. If you want to sell on Amazon, use the Unicorn Smasher, Jungle Scout, AMZScout extensions.

They analyze the turnover of other sellers of certain products, predict the number of sales in the near future, and give out the most popular products.

What else is important:

  • have pumped-up communication skills to easily communicate with suppliers, Amazon employees, customers;
  • know English well (at least at the B1 level, but better at C1);
  • have a start-up capital of at least $ 300 (this advice is given by those who have built a successful business on Amazon);

be well versed in marketing, sales, financial accounting.

Selling goods on Etsy 

Etsy is a marketplace to sell handicrafts, from stuffed toys to embroidered paintings. The main requirement for goods is uniqueness; ideally, there should be a single copy of things that are made to order.

Working on the platform, you do not need to deal with logistics or set up a payment system – this is Etsy’s area of responsibility. Your task is to fill the showcase with quality content.

The first 40 products can be published for free, and further publication for a period of 4 months is possible for $ 0.2. The platform takes a commission of 5% of the price from each purchase.

What you need to start

You need to decide on the type of products that you will produce, pricing policy, prepare photos and text content in English, register a PayPal account (but not in Ukraine, but through intermediaries abroad in order to be able to receive payments).

Make money from Dropshipping:

Dropshipping is the ability to sell a product without physically having it on your mag. The main task is to find clients. The more buyers, the higher the income.

Typical dropshipping scheme:

  • The client completes and pays for the order from you
  • You get paid, write to the supplier, transfer money to him (but keep the profit margin for yourself).
  • The supplier processes your order and sends it to your customer.

What is needed to start

To work in dropshipping, it is important to define a niche, specific products, find suppliers, and create either a website or a business page in social networks (decide on a sales channel). You also need a Good budget for advertising on Facebook or another platform gets clients. Otherwise, to find the first customer you must wait a long time.

Make money from Books for Kindle

Kindle is an e-book reader from Amazon. Anyone can write and publish a book on the Kindle without any problem. You can earn 35-70% of the cost of the book.

An important nuance – it’s better not to go with Russian-language books on the Kindle. Moderators may not miss them. And even if they miss it, you won’t earn much on it. Therefore, if you are going to put books on the Kindle, first translate them into English.

What is needed to start

To publish a book on Kindle publishing, you need your own book (someone else’s translation will not work, since you will need to confirm the copyright) in English.

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