That Smart People Never Make Twice

10 Mistakes That Smart People Never Make Twice

Perfectionists fall back on their feet because they recognize their mistakes and use them to move forward. Those whose state of mind is static are on the contrary condemned to re-offend because they do everything they can to ignore their blunders.

Intelligent people, those who succeed, are by no means infallible; they simply have tools to learn from their mistakes. In other words, they quickly identify the causes that are at the root of their clutter and never make the same mistake.

Some mistakes are so tempting that we all make them at some point. Here are ten, which intelligent people don’t repeat.

1-Place your trust in a person or thing that is too beautiful to be true.

Some individuals are so charismatic and confident that one may be tempted to believe everything they say. They keep swaggering about the success of their business, their success, their relationships and all the opportunities they can offer you. Of course, some people are really successful and really want to help you, but smart people only need to be deceived once to carefully consider an offer that seems too good to be true. Naivety and lack of seriousness can cause disasters. Sensible people take care to ask questions before embarking on a business, because they know that no one, starting with themselves, is as good as it looks.

Do the same thing over and over hoping for a different result.

Albert Einstein said that madness is always about doing the same thing, expecting the result to change. Despite his popularity and sharp mind, the physicist was wrong: in reality, many people seem firmly convinced that two and two will eventually make five. On the contrary, it is enough for intelligent people to experience this kind of frustration once to change their method. The reason is simple: if you take the same approach, you will get the same results, even if you cross your fingers very hard for the opposite to happen. Intelligent people know that if they want a different outcome, they must first change the way they do things, even if it is painful for them.

2-Not knowing how to wait.

We live in a world where books are instantly displayed on the screen of our e-readers, where information crosss continents, and where you can get just about anything delivered at home in just twenty-four hours. Intelligent people know that gratification is not immediate and that you have to work hard and long before you are rewarded. They also know how to make this truth a spur that motivates them at every stage of the obstacle course that leads to success. Because they have already experienced the pain and disappointment of throwing in the towel too soon.

3-Do not limit spending.

You cannot achieve certain financial freedom without setting a framework for your spending. Having a budget and sticking to it, both personally and professionally, requires us to make thoughtful decisions about our needs and desires. Intelligent people only need to face an insurmountable pile of bills once to get back on their feet, starting with a thorough review of their expenses. They know that once you know how much you spend and for what, the right choices become clear. The morning latte becomes less tempting when you know what it costs: just over 900 euros per year on average. Setting limits is not just about making sure we have enough money left to pay the bills. Smart people know that a budget will prevent them from giving up an opportunity because they have squandered their valuable capital on leisure spending. It requires discipline, the basis of any quality work.

4-Lose sight of the real issues.

It is easy to find your nose in the handlebars, working so what you have before your eyes that you lose sight of the real issues. Intelligent people avoid falling into this way by reporting their daily priorities to a carefully calculated goal. They do not disinterest in small-scale work, but have a discipline and height of view that allow them to adjust their pace according to the needs. In life, the key is to understand your goals; when you lose sight of them, everything else suffers.

5-Sin out of ease.

At one time or another, everyone cheated, whether by copying a friend’s biology assignment or by going to a meeting without preparing it. Intelligent people understand that while luck can sometimes smile, such an attitude will prevent them from fully developing their potential. They leave nothing to chance and understand that nothing replaces hard work and attendance. They know that if they sin out of ease, they will never learn anything‚Ķ and that this is a surefire method to stop the progression of their careers.

6-Play a character.

You may be tempted to want to please people by being what they want us to be, but no one likes hypocrites, and playing a character never works. People who lack intelligence never seem to suspect that everyone sees clearly in their game. They don’t see the friendships they’ve broken, the job opportunities lost and the opportunities that have eluded them as a result. Intelligent people immediately make the connection and see that you can only be happy and succeed by being yourself. They understand this as soon as they are accused of falsity, tangle the brushes or inadvertently step out of the role they had given themselves.

7-Try to please everyone.

Almost everyone makes that mistake at one time or another, but intelligent people quickly understand that it is simply impossible to please everyone, and that doing so does not please anyone. They know that to be effective, you have to have the courage to decide and make decisions that we think are justified (and not the ones that everyone will appreciate).

8-Playing the victims.

Social networks are full of stories of people who seem to stand out by playing the victims. Intelligent people can try it, but they soon realize that this is a form of manipulation and that the benefits they can derive from it will fade as soon as people see clearly in their game. There is a more subtle aspect to this strategy, which only truly intelligent people grasp: playing victims involves relinquishing one’s power, and sacrificing something priceless.

9-Trying to transform a person.

People only change if they have the will and the means to do so. Yet it is tempting to try to change a person who does not want to, as if your desire to see them progress could transform it alone (as it has transformed you). Some even go so far as to target people with problems, convinced that they can “save” them. Intelligent people make this mistake only once: they quickly understand that they will never be able to change only themselves and choose, to build their lives, to surround themselves with authentic, positive people, and to avoid the individuals who pull them down.

10-In a nutshell

Emotionally intelligent people succeed because they never stop learning. They learn from their mistakes and successes and continually correct themselves in order to improve themselves.

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