That Will Change Your Life

10 Habits That Will Change Your Life

A study shows that the people most satisfied with their jobs are not those who occupy large prestigious offices, but those who see their jobs as a profession, even if they are subordinate tasks.

Another study shows that people show impatience just by looking at the logo of a fast-food chain. It’s not fast food that makes them impatient, but the habits they associate with it, like always being in a hurry, eating on the road and never taking the time to enjoy a healthy meal.

We have to choose very carefully what we dedicate our energy about because our habits shape our lives. By cultivating the following habits, you are moving in the right direction. They will help you live a more fulfilling and meaningful life while developing your best qualities.

Keep your distance from the people who ruin your life

If the mere sight of a fast food logo can make you impatient, imagine the effect a toxic person can have on your life. They may not be very happy to learn that you prefer to avoid them, and they may allow you to know loud and clear, but isn’t it better to keep your distance than to suffer the cumulative effects of several years of negative influence? There’s always going to be someone toxic to get on your nerves.

When you think of someone who has met you outside of you, get into the habit of distracting your mind to someone you’re happy to know. The world is full of people who deserve your attention, so don’t waste your energy thinking about people without interest.

No more phones, tablets or computers in bed

It’s a very bad habit and most people don’t realize how much it affects their sleep and productivity. Shortwave blue light has a huge impact on your mood, energy levels and the quality of your sleep. The morning sun rays are very concentrated in light of this type.

When your eyes are exposed directly to it, your body stops secreting melatonin – a hormone that makes you drowsy – and becomes more vigilant. In the afternoon, solar radiation no longer contains blue light; your body then starts producing melatonin again and you feel the drowsiness gets you.

At night, your brain does not testify that it is exposed to blue light and it is very sensitive to it. Most of the devices we like to use in the evening give out an intense blue light, directed at the face.

This exposure interferes with the secretion of melatonin, impairs sleep and sleep quality. We all know that a bad night’s sleep has disastrous consequences. The best choice to do is therefore to avoid these devices after dinner (television is well tolerated by the majority of people, provided you stay far enough off-screen).

Enjoy the Moment

Money, glamour, adventures or great cars don’t help you feel happy and soothed. Just because you can’t afford champagne and caviar doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a meal. Sharing a beer and a hot dog with friends in the garden is just as pleasant. So stop believing you need something chosen that you don’t have to be happy with. The truth is that if you are not able to appreciate what you have today, you will never be fulfilled.

Be aware that things aren’t always what it seems you

It goes hand in hand with the ability to appreciate the current moment. The person you envy because they seem to have an ideal life may be struggling in private with all sorts of problems.

This “perfection” is sometimes just an illusion. Using the company you’re working in might upset you at first, but it can also be an excellent one for you. You’re not a soothsayer or omniscient, so be open to the idea that life can discuss surprises, car stuff doesn’t always go as you expect.

Get started, even if you’re at risk of failing

Most writers spend countless hours searching for ideas for their characters and stories. Sometimes they even blacken entire pages knowing that they will never be part of a work. If they do, it is because they know that ideas need time to develop.

We are often stuck when we have to get started because we know that our ideas are not perfect and that the result could be disappointing. But how do you produce anything good without ever getting started or giving your ideas time to evolve? The novelist Jodi Picoult summed up very well the importance of not giving in to perfectionism: “You can correct a poorly written text, not a non-existent text.”

Get organized

People often jokingly notice that good ideas are rare, but I think what is really rare is free time. Do you know any people who have them to sell? And yet, we are wasting so much time for lack of organization.

We touch the objects two or three times before we make something about them (for example, by putting the mail on the kitchen table before removing it so we can cook it) and when we put them away, we waste even more time trying to find them.

Choose a place to put all those little things you need to take care of when you have five minutes (your son’s school leave or unpaid bill) and come back in due course, otherwise you’ll always be rummaging through a pile of papers looking for something you need.

Start a collection that really speaks to you

Have you ever come across a quote or idea that reflected your thoughts so well that you wanted to keep it forever? You know that you wrote it down on a piece of paper and put it in the pocket of a coat five years ago, and you wholelightly hope that it was not the one you gave to Emmaus.

Choose a place where you can keep all those little treasures that resonate with you because they express a facet of your personality or what you would like to be. Whether it’s a spiral notebook, a leather briefcase or a pinterest board: choose a place where you can gather the things that matter to you and check them out regularly.

Do something that reminds you of who you are

We all say we want “time for ourselves.” What does that mean? It’s about booking time for activities that allow us to really be ourselves. Whether it’s for a jog or to dance while listening to your favorite 1980s hits at full volume, give free up time to experience those moments that give back a crazy energy.

Know how to say no

A study at the University of California, Berkeley shows that the harder it is for you to say no, the more likely you are to suffer from stress, overwork and even depression, all of which affect self-control. “No” is a strong word that should not be afraid to use.

When it is necessary to know how to say no, people with real emotional intelligence avoid phrases like “I don’t think I can do it” or “I’m not sure”. By refusing new commitments, you prove that you care about those already made and you give yourself the opportunity to respect them. Just remember that by saying no now, you are showing self-control that will allow you to control your life more.

Set realistic goals

How many people start the year by deciding to lose 15 kg before March? Ambitious goals can be an extraordinary source of motivation… until they end up a failure that, far from encouraging you, leaves you with a bitter taste. I am not saying at all that we need to stop setting goals that push us to surpass ourselves. It is simply a matter of realism.

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